Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering


Admission profile 

Degree in Computer Engineering is aimed at students with an interest in science and technology in generaland with a solid knowledge of mathematics.

Students must show interest to the analysis of both problems and their solutions. Capacity for analysis and observationlogical reasoning ability, methodical and organized work, and critical capacity are required. Moreover, students must show motivation for teamwork and leadership. 

To gain admission to bachelor’s degree courses at Catalan public universities applicants must pre-enrol on the announced dates choosing a preferable course and submitting required documentation.

More information about the pre-enrolment can be found on the Catalan University Admission Advisory Office webpage (l’Oficina d’Orientació per a l’Accés a la Universitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya), which is responsible for the admission processes of all Catalan public universities.

Entrance pathways

If you have the title of:

  • High School Degree + PAAU (or COU + PAAU): You can access any degree with independence of the kind/option of High School chosen.
  • Formative cycle of Upper Degree (CFGS): You can access any degree without need to do any test; the access qualification is the average of all the qualifications of the previous studies. Some CFGS allow credits recognition.
  • Any other university degree: You can access a degree if any other university degree has been finished; the qualification of access is the average qualification of the studies done.

If you have passed the tests for:

  • Older than 25: People older than 25 can access to the university by passing the test of access to the university for older than 25. These tests are common for all the universities of Catalonia.
  • Older than 45: People older than 45 can access to the university by passing the test of access to the university for older than 45. They are common tests for all the universities of Catalonia.
  • Older than 40 with professional experience: People older than 40 that accredit labor or professional experience (related to the degree they want to enroll to) if they cannot follow neither of the ways of access enumerated above.

If you come from another university and/or of other university studies, you have two different ways of access:

  • University registration: normal access through the university registration. You can find more information on the procedure to follow, once you have been admitted, in this link. If you have passed some subjects in your previous studies which have equivalent syllabus to ours, they can be recognized.
  • Application for credits recognition: If at least 30 ECTS are recognized you can be admitted without prior registration. If 30 ECTS are not recognized, you must officially pre-register at the university. You have to fill in the registration within the official deadline.

Filling in the registration university is always compulsory except for the case in which all the subjects in the first course are recognized.

Access for foreign students:

The procedure to access to a university degree depends on which studies you have and which degree you are about to begin. In this link, you can find more information.


The number of places offered for this degree: 70.

You can find more information abaout the minimum grades on the web of the generalitat.

To calculate the admission mark, the two qualifications of the subjects passed to the specific phase will be chosen which, once weighted, give the highest marks.
The weighting parameters for subjects of high school type assigned to the branches of knowledge of undergraduate degrees - which will be applied for access to university - can be consulted in this link with the Weighting tables.

You can find more information in the web of the catalane government.